Friday, August 3, 2012

Jessica makes young motherhood look like so much fun!

Has anyone ever noticed that Jessica never shows how hard it really is to be a teen mother? She makes it seem like it's a walk in the park. I think she only made one video dedicated to talking about how hard being a young mother is... and that was when she only had Lilia. It seems like Jessica will make vlogs just to show how cute her children are and how fun and great it is to be a 20 year old with three kids... but is it really as great as she makes it seem?

Her "Day in the life..." videos make young motherhood look tiring but, for the most part, she makes it look like she plays with babies and sits on her computer all day. Excuse me, does her YouTube "work." Gotta make that YouTube money, right? How else is she going to afford to live under her parents' roof?!?!

Sometimes I'll see comments from TEENAGE girls saying that Jessica is their role model... Am I the only one who thinks that's just plain sad? I'm just kidding... I think it's hilarious that people actually look up to this girl and want to be like her. This pretty much shows how impressionable teen girls can be. Oh well... She doesn't seem to care. 

A few months ago, I saw a comment from a 15 year old girl on one of Jessica's YouTube videos saying that Jessica was her role model (LOL) and that she was trying to conceive a child with her boyfriend... because apparently Jessica makes young motherhood look like soo muuchhh funnn!! (If you remember seeing this comment and have a screenshot of it, please post it in the comment section below) Guess what Jessica had to say about that comment? You guessed it!

Nothing!! ^__^

Jessica was probably flattered that the young girl wanted to be just like her :) That's so touching, isn't it? 

Anyway... Here is an article titled :"Teen Mother-to-Be Jessica Shafer Makes Pregnancy Sound Glamorous" This article was written in May of 2010, so it's not up to date, but the title is still true (IMO).

Saturday, July 28, 2012

How many more months until Jessica gets knocked up again by her cheating husband?

Jessica claims that she'll be on hormonal birth control. Who wants to bet she still won't use a condom? If it was true that Jessica got knocked up while on the pill (twice), then wouldn't she opt for a non-hormonal birth control method? Condoms are clearly not an option in her book.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is Jessica really ungrateful?

I'll let you all be the judge of that...

RoseMarie is Drake's grandmother.

Does anybody else find it coincidental that she does a give away after people on this blog say she's ungrateful and never gives back to her fans (minions)?  Did you guys notice the prizes for the online baby shower games were basically gifts she got from her other baby shower? Personalized M&Ms with "Kyson and Kaden" and a picture of Jessica on them. A twin boy candle set. She couldn't get her fans prizes she actually bought after they went out of their way to send her gifts? Yet she has the money to buy a $300 dollar rug and $350 dresser for the twins' room. Makes sense. Jessica's give away just happens to be after the baby shower. Who wants to bet that the "give away" is going to consist of Jessica giving one of her fans stuff she didn't want from her baby showerS? (After she inevitably reads this blog post, she might actually purchase prizes with her Youtube money for the give away) If it wasn't for her many minions, she would be more broke than she already is and probably wouldn't be able to afford that fancy $300 dollar rug. :)

Also, did you all notice that some of Jessica's friends were calling her fans obsessed, suck ups, psychos, and  stalkers while Jessica was opening the presents? She edited most of it out, but not all of it. Look at her online baby shower video, and the top comments. hm....

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why did Jessica delete Drake's post?

According to Drake, he didn't delete his latest comments on Jessica's fan page. His comments could have been reported, so knowing if Jessica blocked Drake would show whether  or not they were reported or if they were deleted by Jessica. 

So according to this conversation... YES Jessica deleted his comments and blocked him. 

Well... according to Jessica she has nooo clue what happened to drakes posts. lol.
She even tries to act like she wished she saved them, when she was the one who deleted them. rofl...
Of course her act was well played... I ALMOST believed it. :)

 I also had to add this comment... It made me lol.

So does anyone wonder WHY, Jessica deleted and blocked Drake? I have a theory... Maybe she was afraid  of Drake telling everyone the information that will supposedly change Jessica's fan's perspective of her. In her response to drakes posts, she thinks it's silly that Drake has info that will change the way her fans see her... She's obviously afraid of something. If she had nothing to hide, she wouldn't feel the need to block Drake... Just a thought.

Even Drake's friends and family are calling her out... lol

Drake's official side of the story

Last night, Jessica posted this status on her Facebook fan page...
Shortly after the status was posted people started asking her questions they wanted to know.
About 3 hours ago, Drake posted this comment to her status basically explaining his side.
Basically, Drake said that he's sick of Jessica's fans saying bad things about him. Drake said that he isn't going to put Jessica on blast like she did to him. He even apologized to Jessica in his comment. From what Drake said, it seems like Jessica is trying to get back at him by making Drake seem like a crappy person. Drake even said that there are things that will change her fan's perspective about Jessica, but he was being a man and wasn't going to do that to her. I'm glad he's being mature about this whole thing. 
I'm sure everyone's wondering what information Drake has that will change everyone's perspective about  Jessica...Probably  that she conceived on purpose....... 

Drake is sick of people talking bad about him and his family. Like I've said... there are always 2 sides to a story, and Jessica has made drake seem like he doesn't give a crap about his sons or Lilia. Jessica's fans just assumed that he was a deadbeat dad. Well I guess he's not all that bad...
Like Drake said in the first post... He doesn't even have a girlfriend.
Yes, he did say he proposed to Jessica, but in his first post he said he wasn't ready. I'm sure he felt pressured to get married. Whether it was by Jessica or his family or by the fact that he had twins on the way. 

Here are some comments other people made on Jessica's new Facebook status:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jessica's ridiculous baby shower registry

Both of her registries combined total over 11 thousand dollars!! Many people are asking why she wont re-use Lilia's old things. Why she asks for outrageously priced items. She has multiple items on her registry for over 300 bucks. I don't know about you... but I doubt anybody online would ever buy her anything that expensive. I doubt her friends or family will buy her anything that expensive. Her registry includes 2 dressers for $550, a recliner for $400, multiple cribs, about 7 bouncy chairs, 2 rocking chairs, and multiple strollers. She even has 2 expensive color video baby monitors and 2 breast pumps. Everyone knows she can reuse Lilia's old things. I feel like she's being extremely greedy with this registry. I think she is hoping people will feel sorry for her and buy her these things. I know she's said its her "wish list" but I mean come on... if she actually wants people to buy her this stuff, she could at least put items on her registries that are at a reasonable price. I don't even think she has any inexpensive baby monitors on her registry, she only put video monitors on her registry. Jessica also said that she has multiples on her registry because she wanted to have some items at her apartment with Drake (when they were still together) and wanted some items at her moms house. I don't know if she knows this.......... but she doesn't live with Drake anymore, so she can take all of that extra crap off of her registry.

I truly do think she's just using her fans to get stuff from her registry. If she already has a baby monitor, why is she asking for 200 dollar video monitors? if she already has a breast pump, why is she asking for two that are 300 bucks? Does she need half the stuff on those two registries? NO. She probably thinks that since people are going to buy her stuff for the online baby shower, they might as well buy her expensive stuff. When she was pregnant with Lilia, she was more reasonable. Now with the twins, she puts all of this expensive stuff on her registry just because people want to throw her an online baby shower. Last time I checked, beggars can't be choosers. If she doesn't have the money to buy essentials then why is she having kids? Has she heard of adoption?

Edit: Did anybody else notice that she deleted her post on facebook about her registry? lol. Guess she didn't feel like trying to make up stuff about why there's so much unnecessary junk on her registry.

Here are some comments from her Facebook fan page:

Her baby shower registries:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What do you all think about Jessica and Drake getting a divorce so soon?

I honestly didn't see it coming. I thought drake was an overall good guy.... guess not.

LaughingCow commented:
One of Drake's friends commented that Drake cheated because of stress and that he believed Jessica had trapped him with getting pregnant. She said Msarchari100: "Like I said from the beginning Drake is a close friend of mind. And I know him way better then Jessica and everyone else that's here. Yes, she's pregnant but that's completely her doing. Drake wanted to use condoms, she didn't. Drake never wanted to be apart of this youtube thing, that's another thing Jessica forced him to do. She could've just let him be. Drake is just like any other typical idiot guy...he wants to party and have fun. Jessica knew from the start he has had several girlfriends. And why did she want to get with him, when she knew he could've been the father of his ex-girlfriends baby. To say the least she trapped him. He told me he would've been faithful but Jessica didn't want to take things at a normal pace. Jessica wanted to rush into everything to soon. He said he loves her but she rushed everything on him." I don't know how true it is but that is what she said and then Jess disabled the comments. I feel very sad for Jess, she didn't deserve this no matter what happened.

Msarchavi100 is Drake's co-worker & friend.

Another commenter said:
"his friend said that drake found her birth control pills and found that she would skip days etc"

More comments from Msarchavi100:

Msarchavi100: Not only did you nag him but he explained to me that he wanted to use condoms from the start because he wasn't sure what was going on w/ his ex-girlfriend but he said you insisted that he didn't use one and you promised him you were on birth control.He said he told you he wasn't ready to get married yet but your mom and everyone pressured him. Drake confided in me and said ur spreading all this mess about him and he didn't want you to give out his address, please don't do that. Thanks.

Msarchavi100:I am one of drake co-workers and high school friends and have heard his side of view. Jessica you need to stop playing the victim role. You have all these people on here getting on Drake's case when you didn't even say what part you played. Drake is nice a guy, however, his cheating was beyond fucked up. Drake told all of us(co-workers) how you would constantly nag him all the time about stupid stuff. 

Msarchavi100: No one is doing anything to me. I have no problem with anyone supporting Jessica or anything. I didn't write comments to be negative. I only came on here to give Drake's point of view. Everyone can only see the pain she's going through and but no one wants to hear anything otherwise. As I states the comments what he's doing is f-uped. So I'm not letting him of the hook. But there's to sides to every story just remember that. 

Msarchavi100: No Drake didn't propose, Jessica did! I'm not coming on her to do any harm. I just want to make sure that Drake is safe. He confided in because we've been friends since elementary school. Drake said it was either Jessica's way or no way.Thanks! Jessica needs to read this because Drake is not going to tell her. He already told me that if he does go back it's because he needs a place to stay, nothing else. He admitted he truly loved and cared for her and her daughter but she nagged constantly. I don't thinj he has hooked up with any girls of here but he did say they are messaging him like crazy now that he's not with her anymore.Drake isn't into this whole yt thing. I am his friend from elementary school as well as his co worker. Drake said Jessica responded to a comment saying she wanted to give his address out so bad. And from reading the comments it seems like some ppl would want to harm him. I'm not trying to get famous I'm just protecting my friend. I will not respond to you anymore. I not going to come on here and lie and make Drake seem to be an angel...I'm going to keep it real. He's wrong for what he's doing. I just came on here because I didn't want anyone getting Drake's address.

this all completely makes sense now because if drake was caught cheating, you would think that he would want to try and work it out with Jessica... since he probably found out that Jessica tried to conceive on purpose without him knowing, he is either trying to get back at Jessica, or doesn't want to be married to someone who's lied to him continuously, as well....

That's what i thought when I first saw her vid. it does explain a lot though.

Also, about jessica not wanting to use condoms.......... How am I not surprised? If she was already a teen mom, you'd think that she'd do everything to try to not get pregnant again even if she said she was on birthcontrol......... unless she was trying to get pregnant on purpose without drake knowing.........hmmm... lol and she said that the first time her birthcontrol didn't work....... buuuuuuuuut she didn't want to use condoms with drake.... even more suspicious?